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Jerusalem: Cup Of Trembling For The Whole World

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Here is a valuable video on “Israel, Islam and Armageddon” by Dave Hunt.  Dear I ask you, which region of the world has been a thorn on he world’s flesh?

Look at the road map to peace and tell me if it does not confirm biblical prophecy?  How can anyone even doubt the truth in the bible?  Jerusalem is now an international city and what does that mean, New York or London could be called international cities but they are not because they are English and American cities?

I have not gone deeply into bibilical prophecy but if anyone wants to sit down and have an objective view of the Bible, they need to calculate the chances of the bible being right on every occasion.

I have not even started on the United Nations being a forerunner to one world government with ten regional blocks.




Written by dawkinswatch

April 22, 2008 at 1:27 pm

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