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Da Vinci Code Exposed

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Here is a video by Mike Hoggard .

In a way people have made a mistake by dismissing Da Vinci code without understanding the gnostic implication of the video but I am glad that Mike Hoggard has done a very good Job on the Da vinci Code.

One of the controversies has been the existence of the Priory Of Sion, anyone who has studied them will know that there is evidence of their existence.    I wish this video was available in segments then I could break it down segments by segments.

What Mike Hoggard has done well is to trace the origins of the premise that Mary Magdelene was married to Jesus.  Surprise! Suprise! the gnostic were the originators of this heresy.

This is a useful web address http://mikehoggard.com/2007/08/


Written by dawkinswatch

October 6, 2008 at 1:27 pm

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