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Darwin’s BirthDay:Happy Darwin Day!

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Happy Darwin Day-Is this a joke?

Let us not let facts get in the way, even though the Theory of Evolution is not proven, let us give praise to Darwin.

Even though he plagarized his dear grand papa, who never go not get the credit for his ideas- even though Erasmus Darwin wrote Zoonomia.

Even though Charles Darwin inspired Hitler and Stalin, let us give thanks. Social Darwinism has been a disaster from the get go but let us learn form our Communist bretheren, we need to spin it all away.

Even though Charles Darwin has lead millions to eternal separation from God.

I think I might believe in the religion that is Evolution only for a day. Tomorrow I will be back kicking the proverbials.

Let us not let inconvenients truths interfere with this merry ocassion,Cheers!

Charles Darwin Did Not Start The Theory Of Evolution
Fake Evidence For Evolution

But hey, what is truth when a lie can be sold?


Written by dawkinswatch

February 12, 2009 at 1:54 pm

Posted in Evolution is a Lie

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