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Christians Accuse Atheists Of Naivity: Albert Einstien a Theosopher

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Christians accuse Atheists Of Being Wet behind the Ears

I have always maintained that there are no real atheists. I remember writing about Atheist being heroless. Now yet again I have to say to Atheist that one of their heroes Albert Eistein was not an Atheist but a great believer in theosophy. Yet the great man was a kabbalist and he was a prominent member of the Theosophical Society.

albert einstein_tongue out

You see just like the thread on Sir Francis Bacon, Atheist still have a problem with the arcane or hidden spirituality. One of the reasons you know that Atheism is answerless is that they like to deal with visible religions. It is like their parents have nevertrold them that there are religions that are hidden and practise secret rituals.

It is very easy to deal with Christianity and Hinduism because they admit to being a religion but the Brothers of the Rose and Cross etc. are hidden religions. Okay Theosophy has recently been visible but it is just because society has become secular and more naive.

– Have heard these Atheist say the religion is opposed to science: well theosophy is religion mixed up with science, or even a science of accessing the spirit world.

– If Science is opposed to religion ( all religions ) then why were people like Eintein, Newton , Sir Francis Bacon in the mysteries?


Written by dawkinswatch

May 15, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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  1. We don’t “have a problem” with mysticism. Most atheists are such because they don’t believe in the supernatural, so any “religion” that involves the supernatural would fall into that category, whether we know of it or not.
    As for heros, there are plenty of important figures who were atheists – by why must atheists have atheist heroes? Georges Cuvier is one of my heroes, and he was a Lutheran. Just because you are afraid of atheists and dread having one as a hero (hint: you can’t get cooties from someone’s beliefs!) doesn’t mean that Atheists feel the same way about theists.
    Dawkins says that science and religion are corrosive toward each other, and in this I believe he is correct – absolute unquestioning belief (religion) prevents questioning (science), while questioning (science) can threaten the underpinnings of belief. However, to say that religion is opposed to science and science is opposed to religion is too extreme.
    As for theosophy, so what if it incorporates snippets from science? If it is “the science of accessing the spirit world” then it is superstitious claptrap, not science.
    Bacon and Newton lived hundreds of years ago, and they believed such things as alchemy were part of science. So what. The science of astronomy was originally to learn more about the “heavens” and the motions of the planets for astrology. That’s the thing about science – knowledge grows. Unlike religion, where by definition the sum of all knowledge comes from a single, static source.
    As for Einstein, your source article is about as reliable as a magic eight ball. My thoughts on that article are summed up here: http://bipedalia.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/hint/

    Bipedal Tetrapod

    May 15, 2009 at 6:33 pm

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