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Hatha Yoga and The Emergent Church

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The Emergent Church, Hatha Yoga and Spiritual Confusion

As if we did not nknow it the emergent church is based on spiritual confusion and here is one of the leaders of this very strange movement defending the use on Yoga as a form of relaxation. Doug Pagitt goes against John McArthur aand defends the Yoga.

It is amazing what Doug Pagitt boast about to his church, you see that is what is wrong with the Emergent church, but they always think they aare more sophisticated than your average christian church.

Now this is what the emerging church never does to look at the roots of yoga, yes it has been makerted as a exercise in the West but that is not what it is , it is a spritual ritual.

Yoga means to yoke with the gods and it is a form of spiritual salvation from the vicious cycle that is reincarnation.

The West fails to understand that Hatha yoga is only one of the ways to yoke with the gods, in reality there are many other forms of yoga like tantra yoga ehich is pure black magic.


Written by dawkinswatch

May 29, 2009 at 3:22 pm

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