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Richard Dawkins Supports Polly Tonybee

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Link to Polly Toynbee on Richard Dawkins’s Website

She is in fact the President Of the British Humanist Association.

But she is not credible as a Atheist, her family is deeply involved with mystery religions of England. They hired her to do the Annie Besant role, who was a Secularist for The Fabians and then turned around became they chief priestest in the Theosophical society.

Arnold Toynbee put it best ” we deny with our mouths what we do with our hands”.

The American Historian Carroll Quigley in the Anglo American Establishment said ” Christian Science was the religion of The Royal Institute of International Affairs” which is the sister organisation of the American Council on Foreign Relations. The whole Fabian are serious necromacers who work closely with the Institute of Psychic Research.

These are organisation founded out of Cecil John Rhodes secret society which would allow Britain to rule the whole world. For example to further its goal Cecil John Rhodes gives scholarship to take students to Oxford Universities to be initiated and to then do the great work or the six day work.

The Tonybee family is high masonic family, they have a history of wanting to kill Christianity and they have hired the Dawkins dog, sorry rottweilers, to continue the enterprise.

Look at Polly Tonybee a Fabian world changer, she speaks with an Upper class accent for the downtrodden. But that has always been the case with the Fabians, they were always upper middle class radical who were there to control the working class.

Do you see projects or failed housing estates, they were pioneeered by the Fabians by building Toynbee Hall in the East End of London, then government went on to build concrete jungles seeing the success of the project. But that is what they do they promise a lot and deliver little on purpose.

Polly Toybee is a high priest in the mysteries pretending to be a Humanist because no one ever admits to being a Luciferian. But her family has a history of believing that “the white man has a duty to bring a new order to the world” That is why they have worked for Cecil John Rhodes so diligently over the years. People no one has siftiet eyes like Polly Toynbee because she is hiding a lot.

Humanism is just another branch of the masonic world empire, it is even a registered religion. It is good to see Richard Dawkins busy with British Socialists and Communists, afterall they can poll their talent and destroy Christianity.


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