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Christopher Hitchen’s Logic Problems

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We have featured this video before but Chritopher Hichens is riddles with Logic problems.

Christopher Hitchens Logic Problems

Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens misuse the good name of science. Science cannot rule out miracles, simply if did, there would be no need for further scientific enquiry plus science is full with the inexplicable. Talk to any Physics students they will tell you about things which science cannot explain, but for obvious reasons Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens refuse to ackowlwdge that fact.

The point which is being made in the video is that arguments are not opinions and need to be supported by facts. Look Dawkins and Htichens depend on ridicule rather than logic, Hitchens is even better than Richard Dawkins who is in love with himself and lets us all know that, Richard Dawkins you are not that great.


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  1. The guy in the video has a point, kinda. Saying that there aren’t any gods isn’t an argument, I’ll grant that. It’s kinda like saying there are no elves – that wouldn’t be an argument either.

    But your point in the text here is just stupid – You shouldn’t confuse “cannot explain” with “has not explained.” There’s a fundamental difference that you’re not considering here.


    June 15, 2009 at 1:08 pm

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