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~~~~~~Church Of England, Episcopolian church and The Emerging heresy

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Episcopal Church Denies Jesus being the Way to the Father

Some people think that the liberal apostacy is something new, but yet again, we are reminded that these people have been around for a while.

Rob Bell, is a son of Schori and the Bishops of the Church of England who pretend ,that they are Christians to the world, when we all know that they are not. She is the Presiding Bishop of The Epispocal church in the USA.

You see she speak of the Abrahamis Faiths, silly lady please. There is not such thing but while you are preparing for the merger of all things under the Lucifer you have to unite with the muslims and Jewish groullps. Schori please, The god of Islam is not Yahweh, the god of israel but he was a fertility god represented by the the moon, he is the same god as Sin, the moon god of the Chaldeans Abraham was called out from worshiping.

You see how she twist s things, now, grace is not conditional of belief? when has belief been works.

I do not know why peole do not see the light, there is no possible way the Christians will defeat the philosophers in the Epispocal and Anglican Union. ” Get out her my people lest you share in her sins.” The spires do not lie, the Church of England is part of Mystery Babylon and are beyond hiding it.

Technical point, Jews do not have instant access to God, they have to bring a sin offering ( forerunner to jesus and atonement) . Now how are they going to have sin offering why they have not had a temple for a long time?

Well there is that joker from Durham, Bishop N.T. Wright who is busy denying atonement. That is why the attack the first three books of Genesis.

Tony Campolo Ecumeninal Christianity

SOuthen Baptist Infiltration

Rob Bell Apostacy


Written by dawkinswatch

August 7, 2009 at 2:05 pm

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