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Gordon Brown European Union To Be The Global Warming Policeman

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Link to Gordon Brown the Global Warming Policeman

There you are , you now know why the British Broadcasting Television has been Pushing the Global Warming Agenda.

In their own words they want power, look it is Europe which will monitor the whole world.

White man wants to rule the world again, surprise! suprise!

They did not annouvnce their imperialist intentions before time, but you could see by every sSocilist group supporting Copenhagen that there was a collectivist agenda.

There you are we have the smoking gun, I wonder what the idiots who are always commenting on this blog will have to say.

Obama suggested spying by satellite, why are some Black peole perverted, the first people to die will be black people when this thing is all in place. But Obama is so thoroughlly indoctrinated, he does not know who he really is.

Did you notice that Church bells we ringing in Westminster Abbey, the ” Church” is big brother and the Antichrist agenda is not being hidden. In the words of HG wells it is an Open conspiracy.

Has God changed his mind? If God was anti Globalisation at the time of Nimrod why is he pro globalisation when have false prophets like Tony Blair , Nicky Gumbel, Rob Bell and Rick Warren who are all totally corrupt and are not hiding that they want The Antichrist to rule over us all.


Written by dawkinswatch

January 27, 2010 at 12:46 pm

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