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Rick Warren And The Emerging Church Deception

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Warren Smith Explains The Emerging Church and Rick Warren

There is a clear link with the New Age and Pastor Rick Warren’s peace plan. It is so amazing how The Purpose Driven church and The Purpose Driven Life were promoted. Rick Warren is not ashamed to tell the world that he is a member of a secret society called the Coucil on Foreign Relations. Now for that alone people should shun him, just because its tenents are just racist. The Council on Foreign Relations and the Milner Rhodes Roundtable believe that it was a white man’s burden to bring a new world order.

Let us remember that Masonic organisations have to control the Church, that is why General Booth was a member of Milner’s circle of intiates ( source: Quiqley- The Anglo American Establishment). The emerging heresy is very much into salvation by works and helping the poor just like Booth’s Salvation Army. I have nothing against helping the poor but I believe in salvation by grace and not works.

Alpha Course and The Emerging Church

It is shame that HTB Holy Trinity Brompton and Alpha are showing their true colours by inviting their of the emerging leaders like Shane Cairborne to speak at their church and they are very much into Catholisms and that is where the New Age movement started.

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March 24, 2009 at 1:26 pm

+ Jesus Interrupted or Sense Interrupted? by Bart Erhman+

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+ Is Jesus Interrupted worth Buying? + Or is it another not too subtle Digg at Christianity?

Jesus, Interrupted by Bart D. Ehrman is being searched like mad, right now. Was this man on a radio show or something?

One Question for Bart D. Ehrman of Jesus Interrupted

Mr Ehrman say he is a biblical scholar but is he a Christian? No, Look we know all the tricks, this is another Communist theologian claiming to know the bible. These are the people who supported the Gospel of barnabas a forgery from Pakistan.

From the clip on this promo video, you can see one problem already, what about Psalm 22? Read the first words of Psalm 22 “My God, My God why have forsaken me?” How was David able to write this prophecy over 1000 years before the event?. This book should be called sense Interrupted and not Jesus Interrupted.

This Jesus Interrupted is published by Harper Collins, Rupert Murdoch owns that and he also owns the copyrights to NIV Bible translation, well the bible is being assaulted from all angles but from one source.

Rupert Murdoch is a pornographic publisher as well as a Rick Warren’s ( Purpose Driven Deception) parishioner, how come the Luciferian circle is so small ? Get a membership of the Council on Foreign Relations and you have a list of all main suspects. Lucifer should hide his peole better.

These attacks on the bible are what is called Psychopolitics, Stalin chief of police has written a manual on how to destroy Christianity. I have a manual on Psychopolitics, it is a good read.

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March 4, 2009 at 9:34 pm