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Patricia King Recommends Kundalini Dance? Patricia King a New Ager?

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Patricia King Kundalini Dance Ekstasis Worship

People what Is going on I mean this is just the darkness, sure not many western people understand Kundalini and Yoga but it is a counterfeight for the Holy Spirit and is a Hindu practise.

When Rodney Howard Brown first hit town, you had people roaring, screaching and oing all sort of animal behaviour and we were assured that it was from God. Give it a rest, but now they are admitting what is going on.

I have taken the opportunity to attack the emerging church but to me it is a little bit obvious that the same people are behind the Charasmatic and he emerging church. But well we all know now what is going on, they cannot go back and tell us that they are now Orthodox. I do not think that Patricia King would have come out without knowledge of other leaders in the movement. I heard here say that Bill Hammond was her spiritual father ( Catholism ,yet again) now he has to come out and say something. Look that denominationist theology has always been false and it is what made me separate myself from them.

If anyone wants to test my whether these guys are telling us the truth, please write to them ask them about Kundalini Yoga and see what happens.

Fritz Springmeier ” The Charismatic church was corrupt from the beggining.” I used to frequet these churches but look it is over the obese lady had sung they are gone.

Benny Hinn False Ministry

The Antichrist Signs and the Emerging Church

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The Emerging Church and The AntiChrist Signs

Yesterday I wrote on the similarities between The New Age and The Emerging Church today I want to continue the conversation with a video of Costance Cumbey Discovering the New Age.

-It is obvious that the new Age movement has been trying to invade Christianity for a little while.

– Look at the symbols of the Emerging Church like the sun rising, that is one hundred per cent masonic. It is the sun god -Horus rising-(Horizon). There are plenty of signs of the Antichrist in this movement.

-In the last day there will be a falling away, already there has been a big falling away but this caps it all.

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March 25, 2009 at 3:56 pm